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We are an authentic source of Premium Himalayan Salt in Pakistan.


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We are Manufacturer & Exporter of finest quality rock salt lamps products of Pakistan


Himalayan Animal Licks

we are offers a range of quality, natural, and hand-crafted Himalayan salt Animal lick Block.

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Salt Exporter Worldwide

Impexter Salt is a leading Himalayan rock salt exporter and processing plant that is certified for its high-quality standards. We specialize in crafting and supplying premium quality, natural and organic salts. Our vast range of products includes a variety of cooking and table salt, bath salts, lamps, edible salt, and spa products.

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Assured Quality

Skilled workers and state-of-the-art processing units have enabled us to implement International Quality Standards for providing premium Himalayan Salt products.


Minimum Lead Time

One of our key expertise is the timely shipments we promise our customers every time. We focus on enhancing customer satisfaction by decreasing the lead time.


Private Labeling

We offAer GFSI integrated private labeling services to combine our Himalayan Salt Products under Customers’ Brand names for further industrial or retail applications.

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Trustworthy Suppliers To Buy Bulk Himalayan Salt Products

Our company, impexter salt, has earned the trust of numerous customers by consistently delivering high-quality wholesale Himalayan salt blocks at a competitive price range. Our manufacturing process adheres to the highest safety standards, and we offer the pink Himalayan salt in various grain sizes to suit your specific needs.
At Impexter Salt, we prioritize the safe and timely delivery of your inventory while maintaining the utmost quality, so you can easily generate a passive income stream. In addition to being used for cooking and curing, our bulk Himalayan salt blocks can also be utilized as a natural bath salt or as decorative pieces in your home.
We understand that the demand for Himalayan salt is growing, and that is why we take pride in being a leading supplier of Himalayan salt blocks. Our goal is to exceed your expectations by offering exceptional customer service and high-quality products that meet your needs. Let us help you elevate your business with the best Himalayan salt blocks on the market.

Private Label Salt Packaging Options

Impexter International Salt offers a wide range of packing solutions for its customer’s private labels, including grinders, shakers, pouches, jars, etc. These high-quality packing solutions help our customers save time and effort.

Standing Pouches

Plastic & Glass Jars

Plastic & Glass Grinders

Poly Bags

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